Matt Hildebrand - Head Coach

This group of seniors is a very special bunch that has set a new standard for Wellsboro Football. This group can be held responsible for taking the program to a level not seen in many years if ever. I have had the privilege to coach many of these young men since they were in 8th grade. I knew then, that they were a very talented bunch with great athleticism a very bright future. This group of young men has set the expectations for the program and those that come after them.

They did not get to this level by accident. These boys made a conscious decision to dedicate themselves to the weight room and practice field to make themselves better football players. They never once listened to those that told them they could not do things, instead they believed in themselves and each other. They were not going to be satisfied with being average. This attitude allowed them to exceed the expectations of many and become leaders of others. These boys have become leaders both on and off the football field. They have brought Wellsboro Football pride back to the community and school.

Besides being a great group of football players each and everyone one of these young men are terrific individuals that has the ability to have a positive effect on the world around them. These young men will go on and continue to be successful long after they leave the halls and locker room of Wellsboro High School. The attitude and work ethic that has brought them so much success on the football field will lead many of these young men to greatness in other aspects of their lives. I was very privileged to have had the opportunity to coach and get to know each and every one of these young men.

Thank you for everything you for everything you have done for myself and this program. You will always be part of the Wellsboro Football family. The coaching staff and myself wish each of them the best of luck in all their future endeavors.