Matt Hildebrand - Head Coach

Every year the bar is set higher and new goals are made. It is easy to set goals, but few people are willing to have the dedication, and work ethic, and focus to follow through and see the goals to the end and achieve them. This team not only set a goal for themselves but was focused on achieving that goal.

Every team starts the year with a goal to win football games. These boys and this team were different. They had what it takes to make that happen and win a district championship. They overcame many obstacles and adversity along the way. That is special. Very few people outside this program knew any of our player;s names. They now will forever be knows as District Champions.

This team brought together a community, and a school district, and opened many people’s eyes to what can be achieved when attitudes and egos are put aside and people work for one common goal. This is a lesson that will extend well beyond the football field. Besides the hard work these boys carried themselves with class both on and off the football field. They won the right way! It makes me very proud to be associated with bunch of young men.

This senior class built a true family within this team. They embraced the motto "RISE AS ONE." They realized they were not going to need the joint efforts of everybody on this team. They took many of the younger players under their wing and showed them the way. Throughout the season this senior class led with character, class, and represented the Wellsboro Football Program in a positive light.

Those 4-year seniors have won more football games than any other team in Wellsboro history. They have broken many records and set a new standard for Wellsboro Football. These young men should leave the program very proud of all that they have accomplished and the mark they left on the program.

I am confident that all of these seniors will go on to be very successful in whatever path they choose in life. They have never let anybody tell them they could not do something, and always believed in themselves. This group will be truly missed by all the underclassmen and coaching staff. Myself and the rest of the coaching staff would like to say thank you and wish them the best of luck moving forward in life.