In Attendance

Debbie Merriman, Deb Shaw, Jill Logan, Debbi Cooper, Coach Boyce, Karen Chambers, Cindy Gamble, Heather Covert, Lance Covert, Sandi Spencer, Mark Spencer, Pam Tremper.

Follow up from last meeting

Fundraiser Dinner: Chicken Stew and Biscuit Dinner, includes salad and beverage

  • Dinner will be March 29th 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
  • Debbie Merriman dropped off the Facility Use Request Form (per Mr. Mercuri it should not be an issue as he pre-checked to make sure there were no events going on prior to setting this date).
  • Donation will be $8.50 per plate
  • Ticket sales will be limited to 200; if players are going to eat dinner a ticket will need to be purchased.
  • Need final head count by 3/22.
  • It was mentioned that Amy Cooper had done a great job with printing tickets in the past. Debbie Merriman will follow up to see if Amy Cooper would be willing to print tickets: Ticket information should include (Post meeting note - Amy will print the tickets - THANK YOU AMY!!!).
    • Proceeds benefit Wellsboro Hornet Football Players.
    • Chicken Stew and Biscuit Dinner with salad and beverage (provided by Mr. Mercuri's Culinary Class) - take out is available.
    • To be held at the High School Cafeteria on March 29th, 2012 from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
    • Donation of $8.50 per dinner; Checks can be made out to Wellsboro Gridders.
  • Cindy Gamble and Heather Covert are willing to sell tickets at the Meet the Hornets night on 3/ 15. Debbie Merriman will follow up with Mr. Pietropola to get approval. Debbie (or Amy) to get printed tickets to Cindy/Heather. After we determine how many tickets are left then tickets will be provided to the players to sell. This process will be quick and players will have just under a week to get the tickets turned back in. Players should turn in the ticket money to Nate Logan. For 8th graders, tickets will be handed out by Coach Shane Mascho. The 8th graders are to turn in the ticket money back to Coach Mascho. If you want a specific amount of tickets please send Debbie Merriman an email at or send a text to (570) 205-4258 and she will make arrangements to get the tickets to you - the message must be received prior to March 15th. Post meeting note - per Mr. Pietropola it should not be a problem selling tickets at the Meet the Hornets.
  • Players will be serving; they should wear Team Jersey and Jeans; and plan to arrive at 4:30 to help set up. Players can get their jerseys from Coach Steve Boyce after school at the weight room. (All players in attendance will receive one workout credit).
  • Bake Sale at the dinner: We are asking that parents bring in individually wrapped baked goods. Deb Shaw will get the word out. Deb will also try obtaining a more complete list of parent numbers.
  • 50/50 tickets will be sold - Mark Spencer will be in charge.
  • Sandi Spencer will provide tent cards to number the tables.
  • Coach Boyce to provide a white board so we can assign tables and task to players as they arrive.
  • Karen Chambers will take tickets at the door. Anyone else willing to help Karen out please contact Debbie Merriman.
  • Debbie Merriman to check with Mr. Mercuri on table settings. Post meeting note: Per Mr. Mercuri green placemats will be provided and heavy duty black plastic ware will be wrapped in napkins. He is not sure if food will come out on trays or plates yet but will get back to us.

Past Meeting Items Discussed

  • Year End Banquet: Per Lance, the annex will not be available for December 2nd. Lance will check to see if there is availability December 7th, 8th, or 9th. We have to check and make sure that will not interfere with Relay for Life.
  • Spirit (Banner) Program:
    • The players will go to area businesses and hand deliver the letter (see attachment) and speak with the business owner. This should occur in June.
    • Players should plan to do this in groups of 2 or 3.
    • We request that the group take on 5 or more area businesses of which they are familiar with.
    • Debbie Merriman to provide Coach Boyce with a signup sheet. The boys can sign up most likely when they are at the weight room.
    • Debbi Cooper brought in two samples of the new banners, they look really GREAT!!! We are excited to get these up in area businesses.
  • Letter to RSC Equipment Rental:
    • Debbi Cooper sent letter to Mr. Strong letting him know what items the Gridders Club is looking to provide the football team with and asked for a donation.
    • Mr. Strong indicated they are interested in donating. The company is changing ownership - they are still interested in donating but it likely will not be until late April or May. Debbi will keep us posted.
  • Golf Tournament:
    • Date is set September 23. Shot gun start at 10:00 a.m. Deb Shaw expressed concerns with about 4 teams not being able to start at 10:00 a.m. because of church. Debbie Merriman will consult with the golf pro to see if it is possible to have 4-5 teams start a little later. The golf pro will not be back until March 18th. (If a late start is allowed, we may need to consider the time this may hold the other groups up in collecting door prizes).
    • Larry's Sports Center will furnish a Harley Davidson as a Hole in One prize. We will have to purchase insurance which will be just under $300. Debbie and Jeff Merriman have checked out many different hole in one insurance policies. Jeff will call around to find out which ones are reputable prior to purchasing this insurance. Some policies also offer vacations, airfare for two, and other prizes for a hole in one - this is in addition to the Harley and at no additional cost.
    • A student is creating the brochure for the tournament as part of a community service project. Debbie Merriman will work with the student and Mr. Rendos.
    • Once time gets closer we should collect door prizes; hole prizes; team prizes from area business. It was suggested that the (golf) players prefer anything car related (car wash, oil change, etc), Wellsboro Area dinner certificates (Wellsboro House, Steak House, Timeless Destination, Gas Light, 83 Main, etc), anything golf related, and cash.
  • Student Videographer:
    • Per coach this may not work out because the bleachers and announcers box is being taken down. No one under 18 can be on the lift.
    • We will revisit more options later. It is still possible to provide game highlights for Channel 13 because the game will still be recorded.
    • The school is currently looking into the possibility of purchasing portable bleachers.

New Business

  • Coach has announced there is a draft football schedule. This will not be released until it is finalized. It looks like Homecoming will be week 7 against Montgomery.
  • Fireball run carwash: September 24th. Sandi Spencer to provide details at a later time. Gridders will receive a monetary donation for players participating in the carwash.

Next Meeting

March 21, 2012 at 6:30 pm at the Wellsboro Community Center.