In Attendance

Debbie Merriman, Heather Covert, Lance Covert, Cindy Gamble, Debbi Cooper, Wendy Smith, Jill Logan, Coach Hildebrand, Amber Hull, Carla Tardieu

Follow up from Last Meeting

Fundraising Ideas

Some already have dates set and some ideas being looked into.

  • Sub Sale: We will do another sub-sale April 26th. Order forms to be distributed at the next Gridders meeting. Money and orders will be due April 19th. Will cancel April 24th meeting and will instead meet April 25th at the Don Gill cafeteria at 5:30PM to prepare the bags (label, stuff with drinks, and chips) for the sub sale and drop them off to Terry's Hoagies that night.
  • Car Wash: Date is scheduled for July 13.
  • Apparel sale: Apparel order will be distributed at the dinner.
  • Banner Program: This is our biggest money maker, so we need to really focus on making this a success. No updates at this meeting. Jim will do our community banners and clings.
  • Golf Tournament: Date set for Saturday, September 14th. No updates for this meeting.
  • Laurel Festival Parking: Jill Logan confirmed we have approval from C&N to use parking lots June 15.
  • Chicken Barbeque: Due to the cost of chicken and the need for this to be a pre-sale; at this time we are going to put this on hold.
  • Ticket Raffle: Discussed the possibility of doing a raffle for scratch off tickets or sell tickets to win a cash prize. Coach Matt Hildebrand to check with booster club to be sure we are under their small gaming license before we can do this. If not, the cost to Gridders would be $100.00 as the $10.00 one would limit the amount we could make.
  • Fair Booth: There was discussion on possibly having a booth at the fair; however we will discuss in more detail as this will require a lot of man power.

New Business

Listing of funding wants/needs

  • Video Equipment: Coach Hildebrand purchased a camcorder; needs a tripod and memory cards. Already voted and passed.
  • Coaches Clinic: Owe Coach Hildebrand $91.84. Already voted and passed.
  • 7-on-7 tournaments: Two possible tournaments, total cost will be about $500.00. Already voted and passed.
  • HUDL: Cost will be about $760.00. This allows players to review game footage of both our games and our opponents and is a recruiting tool.
  • Website: $500.00. Already voted and passed at prior meeting.
  • Scholarship: $500.00. Already committed to.
  • Gas money for Dr. Bair (photographer): $200.00.
  • Football Camp: $1,800.00 - $2,000.00. This is a necessity.
  • Reward Shirts for players/coaches shirts: Estimated cost $1,000.00 for MS and HS.
  • Food for Distant Games: About $300.00 - $500.00.
  • End of year award banquet and Sr. gifts: Estimated cost $3,500.00.
  • Jerseys for HS: We have to order some replacements maybe 6-8. Cost TBD.
  • Pants for HS: Will vote on this at a later date and will determine based on account balance.
  • Jerseys for MS: Will vote on this at a later date. Will be determined based on amount needed and our account balance.
  • Team Builders: Will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Girdles: Estimated cost is about $32.00 - $36.00 per player. Coach Hildebrand will see if this expense can be covered by the school.
  • Cold Weather Shirts: Need to determine the amount needed and price prior to voting.
  • Donation for weight room equipment: Requested donation was $1,000. It was voted and passed at the current meeting to donate $500.00 now and we will re-assess at a later date if we can donate more.

Checkbook Balance

$5,205 excludes calendar funds since payout will not be complete until end of March. Will have final balance in April.

Next Meeting

April 10, 2013 at 6:30 p.m at the Wellsboro Community Center.