In Attendance

Debbie Merriman, Heather Covert, Lance Covert, Cindy Gamble, Wendy Smith, Jill Logan, Coach Hildebrand, Amber Hull, Wayne Doty

Follow up from Last Meeting

Listing of funding wants/needs

  • Must maintain at least $500.00 balance in checking account.
  • Still need to pay invoice for chicken & biscuit dinner.
  • Current estimated funding needs up to football camp is approximately $4,500.00. By late August or September we are already committed to about $1,500.00. We need the additional funding to help cover the other cost. We are expecting proceeds from sub sale, clothing sale, Laurel Festival Parking, Car Wash, and banner program before the start of the season.
  • Jerseys for HS: We have to order some replacements maybe 6-8 others will need to be repaired. Cost TBD.
  • Pants for HS: Cost of pants will be approximately $1,140.00. We will wait to see how much funding we have prior to voting.
  • Socks: Cost is $210.00 for green and $210.00 for pink. We will wait to vote to see how much funding we have.
  • Jerseys for MS: It was agreed between Coach Matt Hildebrand and Coach Shane Mascho that the middle school players will use the older HS jerseys that are still in good shape. However, they do need to purchase pants because the HS pants are too big. It was voted that Gridders purchase pants for the MS. However, we need an estimated cost from Coach Mascho.
  • Team Builders: Will be determined on a case by case basis, might do some during camp. Looking at ropes course and maybe swimming.
  • Girdles: Estimated cost is about $32.00-36.00 per player. Coach Hildebrand will see if this expense can be covered by the school.
  • Cold Weather Shirts: Need to determine the amount needed and price prior to voting.
  • End of Year Banquet: Will determine needs as we approach end of year.

New Business

Checkbook Balance

$6,759.94 includes the money from the chicken & biscuit dinner, but we still need an invoice to pay for the dinner.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Sub Sale: We will do another sub-sale April 26. Debbie to distribute order forms (post note forms have been distributed). Money and orders will be due April 19. Meeting for April 24 has been cancelled and we will meet April 25 at the Don Gill cafeteria at 5:30 p.m. to prepare the bags (label, stuff with drinks, and chips) for the sub sale and drop them off to Terry's Hoagies that night.
  • Car Wash: Date is scheduled for July 13, 2013.
  • Football Apparel sale: Apparel order extended to April 26. Wayne Doty recommended that we use Titan Sports. Since apparel arrangements were already made for this order, we may reach out and get pricing from Titan for items needed for the golf tournament.
  • Banner Program: This is our biggest money maker, so we need to really focus on making this a success. No updates at this meeting. Jim will do our community banners and clings.
  • Golf Tournament: Date set for Saturday, September 14.
    • Suggested to see if Olympia Sports will do a donation.
    • Debbie will reach out to Dick's Sporting Goods for a donation.
    • Per Wayne, David Keck will donate car cleaning package.
    • Players to visit businesses at camp time to see if they can obtain donations for prizes.
  • Laurel Festival Parking: Jill Logan confirmed we have approval from C & N to use parking lots June 15. In years past they did parking from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. We need 8-10 players for 2 hour schedule.
  • Ticket Raffle: Discussed the possibility of doing a raffle for scratch off tickets or sell tickets to win a cash prize. Coach Hildebrand to check with Wellsboro Booster Club to be sure we are under their small gaming license before we can do this.
  • Borough Office Moving: Wayne asked if they needed help with moving if the players could help and this could possibility produce a donation. It was agreed that we could ask players to help.
  • Camp for Small Fry Players: Coach Hildebrand is looking into the possibility of setting up a football camp for Small Fry Football.

Next Meeting

April 25, 2013 at 6:30 p.m at the Don Gill Cafeteria.