In Attendance

Debbie Merriman, Cindy Gamble, Wendy Smith, Coach Hildebrand

Follow up from Last Meeting

Listing of funding wants/needs

  • Jerseys for HS: We have to order some replacements maybe 6-8, others will need to be repaired. Cost TBD. Coach Matt Hildebrand to order replacements.
  • Pants for HS: Cost of pants will be approximately $1,140.00. We will wait to see how much funding we have prior to voting. Currently pending.
  • Socks: Cost is $210.00 for green and $210.00 for pink. We will wait to vote to see how much funding we have. Currently pending.
  • Jerseys for MS: It was agreed between Coach Hildebrand and Coach Shane Mascho that the Middle School players will use the older HS jerseys that are still in good shape. However, they do need to purchase pants because the HS pants are too big. It was voted that Gridders purchase pants for the MS. Estimated cost is under $950.00, it was passed to move forward in ordering the MS pants.
  • Cold Weather Shirts: Need to determine the amount needed and price prior to voting.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Sub Sale: Prepared bags and delivered to Terry's, made a profit of $195.00.
  • Car Wash: Date is scheduled for July 13, 2013.
  • Football Apparel sale: Apparel order extended to April 26, 2013; looking into practice jerseys.
  • Banner Program: This is our biggest money maker, so we need to really focus on making this a success. No updates at this meeting.
  • Golf Tournament: Date set for Saturday, September 14.
    • Suggested to see if Olympia Sports will do a donation. Currently pending.
    • Debbie will reach out to Dick's Sporting Goods for a donation. Currently pending.
    • Brochures: Debbie will reach out to Tioga Publishing for pricing. Send brochure to coach.
  • Laurel Festival Parking: No current updates.
  • Ticket Raffle: Debbie will stop by Treasury to inquire on the specifics for a small games license for a raffle. Coach Hildebrand to check with the Wellsboro Booster Club to see if they have their small gaming license.
  • Borough Office Moving: Pending, will follow up with Wayne Doty.
  • Camp for Small Fry Players: Coach Hildebrand is looking into the possibility of setting up a football camp for Small Fry Football. Details pending.

New Business

Checkbook Balance

$6,179.94. Chicken & biscuit dinner has been paid for.

New Fundraisers

  • Sell Hotdogs at Canyon: Cindy to check out the details and find out the specifics.
  • Field Day: Offer a field day for kids during summer. We need location and check to see if we need a permit.
  • Dance: Host a dance for 5th - 8th graders, maybe at NYPUM?

Next Meeting

May 8, 2013 at 6:30 p.m at the Wellsboro Community Center