In Attendance

Debbi Cooper, Wendy Smith, Coach Hildebrand, Laurie Nichols, Stephanie Brostrom, Sue Lamphier, Stacey Coolidge, Dan Rice

Follow up from Last Meeting

7-on-7 Tournament

10:00 a.m. in Lyons NY. Approved to pay for 6 hotel nights so team can go up Friday night to allow them some time on the field. Limited number of players can go. They will be sent an email.

May/June Events

Car Wash - Profited $671.00

Clothing Sale - Order is in.

Pampered Chef - Profited $300.00

Laurel Festival Parking - June 21


Recipient was Blake Gamble.

New Business

Checkbook Balance


Future Fundraisers

Coupon Booklets - There will be a kick off for these on parents night in July.

Chicken BBQ - Dan Rice will be trying to secure August 9.

Yard Signs - We will be getting samples.

Golf Tournament - Date is set for September 13. We will be making plans at future meetings. We invite anyone interested to join us.

Spirit Table - We are looking into purchasing items to have for sale at home games.

Thursday Night Dinners

Trinity Luthern has agreed to let us use their kitchen/gym. Debbi will check with The Vineyard about providing food again this year.

Next Meeting

June 25, 2014 at 6:30 p.m at the Wellsboro Community Center.

As always we welcome your ideas, talents and any help you can provide. Feel free to stop by a meeting or email anytime!