New Business

2015 Officers

The following officers were voted on and approved:

  • President - Lance Covert
  • Vice President - Stacey Coolidge
  • Treasurer - Wendy Smith
  • Secretary - Rhoda Mann

Checkbook Balance

$8,355.99 (without calendar funds: $7,225.99).

Banquet Followup

Everyone felt that it went well. The decorations and meal were great and the only thing that we ran out of was the punch. We served approximately 140 people. The cost of the banquet was $2,300.00. Wellsboro Home Page made and donated the DVD this year. It was excellent!! We really appreciated all the time and effort that they put into it. It was very generous of them to donate them also.

2015 Team Needs

Head Coach Matt Hildebrand gave a list of items that he feels the team could use for next year. Below is a list of the items with the cost of each item:

  • 15 Jersey replacements - $848.07
  • 60 travel bags to replace the old ones - $2,820.00
  • 2 Pop-Up dummies - $1,000.00

We approved all the above items. Coach Hildebrand also expressed an interest in an end zone camera, but it was tabled due to the cost being $3,000-$5,000. We will look into this purchase at a later date.


We approved a $100 donation to Wellsboro Home Page and a $500 donation to the Stadium Project. Heather Covert shared that Dr. Metts would like to make a donation to the Gridders Club.


It was discussed and decided that we are going to form committees for various things that the Gridders Club is responsible for throughout the season. At the first parent meeting, parents will have the opportunity to sign up for the following committees:

  1. Away Game Food Committee
    • JV subcommittee
    • Varsity subcommittee
  2. Camp Committee
    • Kickoff picnic subcommittee
  3. Thursday Dinners Committee
  4. Fundraising Committee
    • -Banner Program subcommittee
    • Golf Tournament subcommittee
    • Chicken BBQ subcommittee
    • Card Sale subcommittee
    • Laurel Festival subcommittee

We are asking parents to consider signing up for one or more committees to help meet the needs of the players and coaches throughout the year.

Next Meeting

January 14, 2015 at 6:30 p.m at the Wellsboro Community Center (tentatively). All future meetings will be on the second Wednesday of each month.

As always we welcome your ideas, talents and any help you can provide. Feel free to stop by a meeting or email anytime!