In Attendance

Wendy Smith, Stacey Coolidge, Heather Covert, Laurie Nichols, Rhoda Mann, Matt Hildebrand, Kasey Watts, Jenn Hudson, Paula Clemens, Tracey English

Follow up from Last Meeting


Tubing was a success! There were positive comments from everyone that went.

New Business

Checkbook Balance


McBryan Lineman Camp at Bloomsburg

As of today, we only have 4 signed up. Please contact Coach Matt Hildebrand ASAP to sign up. You can also give them to Coach Babcock at the gym. Coach needs to know now so that he can plan transportation and reserve our spot.


Ed Weaver is checking on the status of the 2015 Season DVD that Wellsboro Home Page produced.

Team bonding ideas

Pine Creek tubing, swimming and fishing at Brown Pond, Flyworld, Arena Football game(also use as a possible Benedict's fund raiser).

Fundraising Events

Chicken BBQ - Checking with Dan Rice about this event; car wash, possibly on June 11th (First Citizens was a nice spot); parking for the Laurel Festival; Wellsboro Football 300 Raffle (300 tickets sold for 3 cash prizes - We will be selling the tickets in May with the pick up at the April 20th Gridders meeting - there will be an incentive to sell at least 5 tickets until the 300 are sold.); Golf tournament (Tyoga Country Club - date to be announced).

Next Meeting

April 6, 2016 at 6:30 p.m at the Wellsboro Senior Center.

As always we welcome your ideas, talents and any help you can provide. Feel free to stop by a meeting or email anytime!