Warrior Run blanks Wellsboro.

By: Joe Wagner | Wellsboro Gazette | October 21, 1998


The Warrior Run Defenders spoiled a chance for Wellsboro's second victory of the season last Friday night by blanking the Green Hornets 21-0 in a contest marked by solid defense and an anemic first half passing statistics by both teams.

Warrior Run's Dave Moore only managed 17 yards on 22 rushes throughout the entire game against a stingy Wellsboro defensive front eight led by middle linebacker Brad Wilson and defensive end Joe Andrews. The week before, Moore had over 200 yards rushing to move past the 1,000 yard mark in only his sixth game of the season.

Warrior Run, 4-2, averaged 200 yards through the air and 200 yards on the ground coming into the game. Wellsboro allowed them just 265 yards of total offense and only 67 yards on the ground.

Unfortunately for Wellsboro, the Warrior Run defense did the same thing to the Wellsboro passing attack as the Green Hornets did to the Defenders running game. Wellsboro signal caller Jarred Regina was 0-11 in the first half in the passing department.

"We put together a defense to stop their big play receiver (Truckenmiller)," Wellsboro Head Coach Keith Dils said, "We jammed him on the line and then had another man covering him deep so we essentially had him in double coverage all night. If somebody was going to beat us, it wasn't going to be him."

That strategy worked well throughout the first half holding Truckenmiller to just one catch. Unfortunately for Wellsboro, their offense could not keep pace with their solid defense.

The offensive line did a better job giving Regina and later Jake Banik protection than they did in the previous game against Towanda. The Warrior Run secondary, however, blanketed the Wellsboro receivers and gave up just three receptions.

When Wellsboro did get a man open they still could not convert. The Green Hornets had four passes fall through the hands of open receivers in the first half.

Despite going 3-26 in the passing department for the entire night, the Wellsboro offense did manage to get some decent yardage out of tailback Shane Mascho. Mascho had 81 yards rushing on 11 attempts while the Warrior Run secondary was occupied with the Wellsboro wideouts.

Wellsboro owned the first quarter offensively putting together a pair of drives into Warrior Run territory. The Green Hornets could not score however as both drives stalled because of holding penalties and incompletions.

Warrior Run scored their first touchdown after Wellsboro failed to complete a fourth down conversion on the Defender 40-yard line.

"We have to take some chances in the position that we were in," said Wellsboro Head Coach Keith Dils. "We need to put our guys in place where they can score."

Unfortunately some of those fourth down chances did not pan out for Wellsboro. Warrior Run scored on five plays driving half the field scoring a touchdown on one of the few completions of the first half.

Wellsboro put together another drive early in the fourth quarter that also stalled on three straight incompletions. But, the Green Hornet defense held the Defenders scoreless throughout the remainder of the half to go into the locker room down by just one score. The second half proved to be different atleast in Warrior Run's offensive statistics.

The Defenders added another touchdown early m the third quarter on a Phil Aiken run. They scored again early in the fourth quarter on a 21 yard McCormick pass.

Wellsboro could not come up with any touchdowns throughout the rest of the contest and fell to 1-5 on the season.